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Survey Says!!!
6 days ago – Sun, Dec 09, 2018 at 01:24:54 AM

Hello backers!!

We are hard at work finalizing art assets and greasing the wheels of the production machine to get your chosen products into your hands as soon as possible!

With that in mind, as of this writing 81% of you have filled out your backerkit surveys. Thank you so much!

If you are in the 19% who have not gotten around to filling out your survey, please complete it as soon as you can!

For any of you who missed the campaign, we will be leaving the pre-order store open until January 10, 2019

Next week we'll have an update about the timeline! 

Have a great weekend, play some games!!

-Team Deep Water Games

Backerkit Surveys Are Coming! Late pledges open!
14 days ago – Fri, Nov 30, 2018 at 07:45:56 PM

Hello neighbors!

Soon, you’ll receive an email from us with a special link to your BackerKit survey. We are first doing what is called a “smoke test” this means only a small number of backers will get surveys, but rest assured everyone will get a survey shortly! It’s important to respond to your survey as quickly as you can, because we need this information to fulfill your rewards. The survey does not yet have a due date, because we want to give you as much time as we can.

We have opened late pledges! Please follow this link: https://view.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders
For now backers on late pledges will get the stretch goals, but eventually we will be changing that, so make sure to back!

You DO NOT need to create a BackerKit account to fill out your survey.

When you receive the email with the survey, click the survey link to respond. Answer the questions about your reward preferences, provide shipping information, and purchase add-on items if you like.

You don’t have access to this survey link yet, but it will be available soon via email! 

What If I Make a Mistake?

After you respond to your survey, you can go back later and change your responses at any time before we close the surveys and get our final counts.

If you need to review your information or pledge status, you can return to your survey by clicking the link in your survey email or requesting your survey link under "Lost your survey?" on our BackerKit project page at https://support.backerkit.com

I am retailer, wheres my survey?

We are sending a link to a shop on our website look out for that! You will still have a basic survey, but to purchase add-ons we will have another option for that! Email jacob@deepwatergaming.com if you have any questions.

Wheres my survey?

We are first sending only a small number of surveys, to make sure we aren’t missing anything, and then we will send the rest out. If you are reading this a couple days after it was posted and you have checked your email and spam inbox and still no survey then please send us a message!

I Log Into KS Using my Facebook Account

If you used your Facebook credentials to log in to your Kickstarter account, the BackerKit survey is sent to the email address you use for your Facebook account. If you have another email address that you prefer to use, please contact support at https://support.backerkit.com


- Team Deep Water

FAQ Update...
23 days ago – Thu, Nov 22, 2018 at 01:00:44 AM

Because FAQs cannot be added after the Campaign ends (weird feature) Team DWG  will be posting Updates to answer common questions that come up between now and delivery.

Here are the first few...

Q: Is the playmat excluded from being considered as the first add-on?

A: Extra dry erase coated sheets which costs $1 extra to ship. All other add-ons will cost $2 extra to ship. You will not be charged shipping on the first add-on.

Q: Which add-on, of multiple add-ons, is to be considered the first?

A: The least expensive add-on will be considered first for calculating shipping.

Q: Any chance we will get the final stretch goal even though we didn't quite hit the mark?

A: Due to the increased costs involved in the Custom Mailer Box and despite our heartfelt desire to please every backer, we will not be able to make this happen.

You Did It!
24 days ago – Tue, Nov 20, 2018 at 10:04:48 PM


All 4,610 of you made this campaign shine brighter than we could have ever imagined.

We are humbled and thankful for all of your positivity and support throughout this campaign!

For those of you who are in the U.S. like we are, enjoy the upcoming Holiday weekend with your friends and family.

We will be sending out BackerKit surveys next week where you can finalize your pledges with exactly the right combination of items for your gaming table!

Beyond that, we will see you right back here for monthly updates on the state of fulfillment for these fantastic items.

If you see any of us at the more than 60 conventions we attend each year, please stop by and say Hello so we can thank you in person!

Our most sincere gratitude to all of you,

-The Deep Water Team

The final stretch: Solo AI, City plans, and shipping!
25 days ago – Mon, Nov 19, 2018 at 09:11:05 PM

Hey Architects! 

First and foremost, WOW you have blown our expectations out of the water. We have some sweet reveals for you right before the last 24 hours! 

Art is not final
Art is not final

Anne has been working like mad on the new solo AI art! These are 3 of 10 AI with varying difficulty. 1 being the easiest and getting harder from there. In the new solo mode you're going to be creating a discard that the AI will then score from. These cards indicate how the AI score. 

Some of these number might get tweaked, but for the most part we're very happy with how it's playing.

Below are the full solo rules. We will be doing a livestream soon to show off the great system that has been created for solo!

You can read the full solo rules here!

Doomsday City Plans!

Art is not final
Art is not final

Doomsday is one of our favorite sheets! So we're excited to finally fully reveal all the new thematic expansions! 

The socialist: four 4-house estates with only 1 bunker
The individualist: six 1-house estates with 1 bunker each
American Hero: Save 50 people in the bunkers! 

Intern Shipping

There has been a lot of confusion about the intern shipping amounts. I want to be as clear and transparent as possible. I know some of the confusion came from Deep Water employees and we apologize for that. It was an error in the way we worded it. We are not trying to take advantage of anyone, in fact we are still massively subsidizing shipping. We tried to pick one of the lesser evils instead of creating a whole new tier and having everyone switch we thought it would be easier to explain the subsidy, but incorrect info was repeated several times.

If you back at the intern level, and want to add the base game, we are asking you to pay the intern shipping cost ($5) as well for a total of $59. Please see the breakdown below:

$25+29+5=$59 for US
$25+29+7=$61 for Canada
$25+29+9=$63 for United Kingdom
$25+29+25=$79 for Rest of the World

The intern plus base game package weight is going to be roughly 58oz, or 3lbs 10oz. That is HEAVY.  It's going to cost us on average $12 to ship this BUT we're only asking that you pay $5. We're still covering a large portion of that shipping cost. 

Could we have done this better? Yes, absolutely. And I'm incredibly sorry for the confusion.

We'd love to be able to offer free shipping completely but there's nearly 1200 backers at that tier potentially adding on the base game.  For a very small company it would be a devastating number to cover the additional shipping. 

Hopefully this helps clear things up and we appreciate your continued support of us. This campaign has taken a lot of unexpected turns for us in so many ways, and we've tried to be nimble and adapt. You've stuck through it all with us and we can't tell you how much we appreciate that! 

Thank you all for your patience and support. If you have any questions or concerns please email jacob@deepwatergaming.com or send us a message. Things get confusing in the comments so if you want a quick and concise answer please try and use one of those channels!